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Frequently Asked Questions
General questions

Q: What is dance gaming?
A: You can find more information in our article at

Q: Where can dance gaming be practiced?
A: You can find more information in our article at

Q: Where can I get myself a dance game and a dance game controller?
A: Dance games and dance game controllers are available in various stores around Europe. Check your local stores which stock computer games. If you are unable to find any stores selling the games and controllers in your country you can always order them from which is the official partner of Finnish Dance Gamer Association.

Q: My dance game controller doesn't work. What should I do?
A: You can ask for help with your problem on our message boards.

In The Groove PC version and StepMania

Q: Does the In The Groove PC version work with Windows Vista?
A: Yes it does.

Q: How do I update my In The Groove PC verion?
A: Download the free update package:


Q: In The Groove PC version lags badly during gameplay. Is there something I can do?
A: If you are using a Windows operating system you need to change the game to utilize Direct3D instead of OpenGL. This is done by following these steps:

1. Open the Windows start menu (the button in the lower left corner).
2. Open the "Programs" submenu and find "In The Groove".
3. Open the "In The Groove" folder and select "In The Groove Tools".
4. A new window opens up. Select "Change Preferences".
5. Select "Direct 3D" and press "OK".

Q: Why does In The Groove PC version sometimes not save my scores?
A: The game disqualifies your score if you use certain modifiers. This commonly happens when you use C-mods in songs which have tempo changes or stops.

When you play on the novice difficulty level the game automatically turns the C150-mod on and you can therefor never receive a score on thos songs which have tempo changes. Also, when you change your difficulty level from novice to something else then the disqualification from the C150-mod for some reason is remembered by the game even though you don't use the C150-mod. This problem can be fixed by going to the modifier menu (press enter two times when starting a song) and selecting any speed mod. After you have done this once you don't need to do it again before you play on novice difficulty again.

Q: How does the In The Groove PC version unlock system work?
A: After installing the free pdate package the game has a total of 163 unlocks. The first 31 unlocks are new songs, marathons and mods which you unlock by playing through songs in the game. You will unlock a new one after each five passed songs, so you have to pass a total of 155 plays to unlock them all. Playing the same song on the same difficulty level multiple times does count. The last 132 unlocks are the expert difficulty levels for each song. They can be unlocked by playing though the hard difficulty level of each song.

If you want to unlock everything without playing at all use the following code in the start menu of the game: L D U D R D U D L U D U R U D U L (U=Up, D=Down, L=Left, R=Right).

Q: How do I add new songs to In The Groove PC version?
A: There is a guide on the StepMania website at

Q: How do I access the unrestricted editor in In The Groove PC version?
A: Type the following combo in the start menu: U L D R U R D L U enter (U=Up, D=Down, L=Left, R=Right).

Q: How do I get feature X on or off in StepMania or In The Groove PC version?
A: Below is a list of features which can be adjusted in the game by using keyboard presses. Note that some of these are disabled in In The Groove PC version.

F1 - Adds a credit to the game if you don't have event mode enabled.
F3 - Quick Options
F4 - Resets all offset changes.
F6 - Autosync
F7 - AssistTick
F8 - AutoPlay
F9 & F10 - Change the BPM of the song
F11 & F12 - Change the offset of the song

Q: Will In The Groove 3 ever be published?
A: The official In The Groove 3 game will never be published. There is however an unofficial fan release which consists of a theme and song pack.

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